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The clock is ticking: Your budget, time, and other resources are limited. Whether your task is building sales, generating leads, or something else, it's urgent that you start making progress, now.

But you also have to understand the environment in which you're operating. Thanks to the Web and other technologies, your audience has more media options—and more alternatives to your company—than ever before.

As more people spend more time on social media, it's essential to build trust-based relationships with your customers. One-way, hard-sell messages don't fly anymore: your audience can talk back, and more importantly, talk to each other, about your brand.

In this environment, the winners will be those who not only:

  • know their audience well, but segment that audience intelligently
  • focus on customers' needs today, but plan for long-term growth
  • use social media, but also its targeting and analytic tools, to build relationships
  • share informative, engaging content with their audience, but do so regularly

As a web developer/copywriter, why do I mention all this? Because I want your midsize or smaller company to achieve its goals. Because I see my job as more than just writing, designing and managing your online and offline marketing communications.

Whether you need just one of the services I offer -- for example, web site design -- or more, I'm also here to help you clarify and assess your strategic options.

With more than 25 years of marketing-communications experience with clients ranging from the Fortune 500s to one-person startups, I'm well positioned to help you achieve your business goals.

With all the demands of running your business, do you really have the time to "do it yourself"?

And even if you do, will you take the organized, strategic approach that's needed to build a marketing campaign -- both online and offline -- that gives you the best possible chance of success, both in the short term and in the long run?

JH Web Marketing can help you make the most of every dollar you invest in your marketing. For a free, confidential, no-obligation discussion of your marketing situation, please contact me.